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The Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance Represents The Coalition That Legalized Medical Marijuana in 2012

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$50 Fee for Patient Annual Registration and Renewal Removed

Instant Access Certification for New Patients!

Big Announcement for 2019! We are proud to announce that after two years since we first helped craft an amendment to Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017 to create instant patient protections with the honorable Representative Frank Smizik, Instant Access Certification has been launched by the Commission!

Beginning July 1, patients will get faster access to medical marijuana - By Shira Schoenberg, Jun 25, 2019

Instant Access Certification:  New patients are now able to go from their Certifying Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant's Office directly to the Medical Dispensary.

*Patients for the time being will still need to complete the registration process online to obtain their permanent card, but there will no longer be a wait for new patients to get immediate patient protections.

Patient Supply Safety Net Protection

MPAA led the charge with many other advocates for the Commission to develop a patient supply safety net of 35% of all products within a co-located marijuana establishment.  This was an amazing accomplishment and a first of its kind protection for patients in the country.

Pot panel hears competing views in last public hearing - By Ethan Forman, Feb 14, 2018

"Patient Frank Shaw of Ipswich said he has witnessed first-hand discrimination and the disproportionate impact of the drug war on the gay community when those dying of AIDS turned to medical marijuana for relief when there were no other drugs.

Shaw, like others, said the commission must develop a "patient supply safety net" to ensure a supply of medical marijuana when recreational sales start.

"Medical marijuana patients are not recreational consumers," Shaw said. "Patients like me cannot afford the luxury of experiencing a shortage of medicine beginning in July if co-locator establishments are not prepared to handle the demand of serving both patients and consumers," Shaw said."

Protection from Exploitation

In order for the patient supply safety net to work, co-located operators must save 35% of all products available for a period of six months.  If you were told you would have to buy a strain you liked through the adult use side it would break the patient supply safety net protections because it would not be included in the six months of data.    

If you have been told that you need to purchase a specific strain through the adult use system and outside the virtual gateway, we want to hear about it, and so does the Cannabis Control Commission.

MA Cannabis Control Commission

Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance

Patient Priority at Co-Located Marijuana Retailers

Not only do patients have supply protections, patients are prioritized in many ways inside and outside co-located marijuana retailers. 

  • Prioritized Parking:  Registered Patients are to receive prioritized parking at co-located retailers.  If you experience any issues parking at your favorite medical dispensary please send your experiences to the emails listed above under patient supply protection. 
  • Prioritized in Lines:  Registered Patients not only have access to a patient priority line, they also have access to all lines within a co-located marijuana retailer.  If you as a patient have been told you could only go into the medical line to make purchases please send your experiences to the emails listed above under patient supply protection.
  • Prioritized Products:  Registered Patients are supposed to have priority access to all products available within a co-located marijuana retailer.  Have you been told something is for adult use only?  If you have been denied access to your medicine or were told you could receive "Medical Pricing" on adult use products, please send your experiences to the emails listed above under patient supply protection.”

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We would not be where we are with medical marijuana in Massachusetts today if it wasn't for the MPAA.

Frank Shaw

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