Nichole Snow

President & Executive Director

Nichole Snow is the president and executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance. Inc. and one of the advisors on the MA Cannabis Control Commission's Advisory Board.

The MPAA, Inc. works with local and state governmental bodies to ensure the social welfare of medical marijuana patients, doctors, caregivers, medical professionals, advocates, and the general public while developing and implementing laws, policies, and regulations related to medical marijuana and its safe use.

After meeting hundreds of patients across the state of Massachusetts and advocating for their right to safe access, Nichole was invited to take a leadership role in the alliance in 2014. Since becoming executive director of the fledgling organization, Nichole worked with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the Humanitarian Care Act of 2012 to draft viable regulations, site operational medical cannabis access points across the Commonwealth, and grew the number of patients to more than 100,000 in 2021. The MA DPH has overseen the Medical Use of Marijuana Program since its launch in 2014 and was fully transitioned to the MA Cannabis Control Commission in 2018.

Beginning her career in telecommunications, Nichole now champions for patients rights to safe access to medical marijuana as the executive director of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. Nichole has cultivated relationships with well known mainstream media outlets and holds a strong tie to the community through local and social media. After suffering two major car accidents and enduring debilitating muscle spasms resulting from them, she retired from her telecommunications career to follow through with her dream in safe access for all.