New England Harvest (Clinton)

  • New Patient Discount: First time visiting New England Harvest? Welcome! Enjoy 20% off your entire purchase and thank you for checking out our dispensary!
  • Senior Discount: Individuals aged 65+ will receive 20% off their entire purchase. Age verification is needed to qualify for senior discount.
  • Veterans Discount: Veterans will receive 20% off their entire purchase. Proof of veteran status is needed to qualify for veteran discount.
  • Industry Discount: Anyone working in the Massachusetts cannabis industry will qualify for a 20% discount. Must have valid proof of industry agent status.
  • Daily Discounts: There's a reason to celebrate every day of the week! Check out our daily specials. 
    • Monday & Thursday: 20% Off Edibles & Topicals. 
    • Tuesday: 20% Off Concentrates. 
    • Wednesday & Saturday: $3 Off Pre-Rolls. 
    • Friday: 20% Off Pre-Packed Chillums. 
    • Sunday: Spend $200 and Get 20% Off Your Order