• New Patient Discount: $25 coupon for each of first 4 visits. First time at Mission Georgetown? Receive $25 off each of your first 4 purchases of $50 or more! Discount may only be used for a patient's first 4 visits. Not valid if you are already a patient at our Georgetown or Worcester location. Discount cannot be stacked with Dr. Reimbursement discount. Discount may only be used for a patient's first 4 visits. Discount may only be used at one location or the other. i.e., If you register as a new patient in Georgetown and use the discount there, it may not be used in our Worcester location and vice versa.
  • Doctor Recommendation Certification Reimbursement: Let Mission help to cover the cost of your certifying doctor's visit with our doctor's reimbursement program. Bring in the receipt from your doctor stating how much you paid and we will reimburse $100 of the cost for the certification. Get $100 off $101+ worth of products. Redemption must be made within 30 days of the "valid from" date in your patient portal. 
  • Veteran Discount: 10% off all medicine purchases for military veterans. To Qualify: Please bring a DD-214 or Veteran’s ID.
  • Senior Discount: 10% off all medicine purchases for patients aged 65 and up. Please bring State ID into your Mission Dispensary. 
  • Social Security Disability Discount: 10% off all medicine for qualifying SS disability recipients. Please bring your SSDI Reward Letter into your Mission Dispensary. 
  • Compassion Discount Program: 10% off all medicine. Awarded as needed on a case-by-case basis. Please bring in your most recent tax return or your MassHealth card, if applicable.