Medical Marijuana First

Medical Marijuana First is a statewide campaign created by the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance to educate towns and cities on the needs of medical cannabis patients throughout the Commonwealth and in their localities.  Our primary goal is to have cities and towns sign our resolution to put medical marijuana first.  We believe by protecting the needs of patients and educating the public we can help preserve our state's medical marijuana law.  Here are some highlights of the resolution we are proposing to protect patients in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.  

  • Place the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance on the City Council/Alderman and Zoning Commission’s list of contacts to receive notification of any City Council/Alderman or Zoning Commission hearings relating to cannabis including dispensaries, cultivation centers, and cafe's whether medical or recreational.  
  • Require that the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance be brought forward to present at a meeting on the needs of medical marijuana patients before any medical cannabis dispensary or adult use dispensary can proceed forward.

For more information on the resolution drafted by the MPAA for municipalities to protect safe access please email [email protected]