• New Patient Discount: Patients receive 20% off their first order.
  • Referral Discount: If you refer a friend who has never been to INSA before, they will receive 20% off while you will receive $50 off your next order. Credit can only be used on orders of $51+
  • Let INSA help offset the cost of getting certified: $200 Shop Credit for Newly Certified Patients/Caregivers. Spend $50 and receive a $50 credit on your first four visits. This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. To qualify for the $200 store credit, new patients must visit an INSA dispensary within 30 days or their certification. New INSA patients who visit for the first time after the 30 days will receive 20% off their entire first order. Restrictions may apply, speak to an associate an INSA for more details. 
  • Veteran Discount: Veterans receive 10% off of all purchases.
  • My INSA Loyalty Program - 5% Cash Back Rewards: Patients who visit either INSA Easthampton or INSA Springfield receive 5% cash back rewards on all purchases. It's as simple as that! Our system will automatically issue and track My INSA reward points with every purchase. To help get you started, all sales since 06/04/18 have been earning you reward points. WHEN CAN I USE MY POINTS? My INSA reward points can be used at any time. Points will never expire. Just ask an INSA team member how many reward points you have and let them know if you would like to apply them at check-out. WHAT CAN I PURCHASE WITH MY POINTS? My INSA reward points can be used on any item at INSA. Points are not restricted to any type of specific product, allowing INSA's patients the freedom and flexibility to choose whatever products benefit them the most. Restrictions: My INSA reward points are accumulated on the total purchase after discount and tax. Points can only be used when they are equal to a whole number (example: 1.8 points only qualifies as 1 point until it reaches 2). Points can only be checked in-store, but will be available through online ordering soon. Points are nontransferable. Patients who lapse on renewal will still maintain their points balance upon receiving their updated Patient ID. Points cannot be used for cash back. A minimum purchase of $1 is required per item.