Green Meadows (Southbridge)

  • New Patient Program: All new patients at Green Meadows will receive a total of $200 off medical cannabis purchases. A new patient will receive four $50 “new patient” coupons applied to his/her medical profile. These can be used as part of patient’s first four transactions at Green Meadows with a minimum $150 purchase for each transaction. First transaction must happen within a minimum of 30 days of certification. New Patient discount renews annually upon medical recertification. New Patient discount cannot be used more than once per day. Employees cannot use their employee discount in conjunction with the New Patient discount. New patient discounts can not be combined with any other discounts.
  • Veteran Discount: Veterans qualify for a 30% discount daily. 40% veteran discount twice a month (On the 11th & 22nd of every month) *Required paperwork: DD214, USAA card (actual member card), Military ID (actual member), VA Benefit Card, OR MA State License that signifies active duty Active duty service members are granted the same discounts as military veterans at Green Meadows.
  • Birthday Discount: Pay $1 for a regular 1g preroll (one per patient). * Required paperwork: Valid ID
  • Southbridge Resident Discount: Residents of Southbridge qualify for a 5% discount. *Required paperwork: Utility Bill, Mail, OR ID showing Southbridge address.
  • Senior Discount: Anyone 65 years and above qualifies for a 10% discount. *Required paperwork: Valid ID.
  • College Student Discount: Students enrolled in college qualify for a 10% discount. *Required paperwork: Student ID OR Other paperwork confirming student enrollment.
  • Two for Tinctures & Topicals Tuesdays: Buy $200 worth of product pre-tax, get 1 tincture and 1 topical for $2. This can be repeated at $400 purchase level, and so on.
  • Industry Employee Discount: Employees in the industry qualify for a 10% discount *Required paperwork: Industry Badge (copy is okay), Current Paystub from last 30 days.
  • Green Meadows Referral Program: When a Medical Patient refers New Medical Patient $20 off $100 purchase is given to the Patient Referrer and $20 off $100 purchased is given to the Patient Referee. When a Medical Patient refers New Recreational Guest: $20 off $100 purchase is given to the Patient Referrer. The Recreational Guest Referee gets Access to 1 item of Green Meadows Premium Swag (hat, t-shirt, sweatshirt) after signing up for Insider program on-site to qualify as referred customer.