Fourth Step (Upload Your Valid Form of Identification)

How do I upload my valid form of identification? What does the Cannabis Control Commission accept as valid identification? 


You must upload a color file of either your valid Massachusetts driver's license, Massachusetts ID card (that has a picture of yourself on it); US Passport; or US Military ID as part of your registration. If you submit a driver's license or Massachusetts ID card as your valid form of identification, the name and address in your application must match the name and address on your ID. If the address on the front of your license or ID card is no longer your current address you must write your current address on the back of your identification in permanent marker and upload both the front and back. If uploading a US military ID, please also scan and upload the front and back of the card.) 

  1. Select which Valid Form of Identification you will be uploading
  2. Enter the Number on your Valid Form of Identification
  3. Enter the expiration date on your Valid Form of Identification
  4. Select the file of the your Valid Form of Identification to Upload. Once you’ve chosen the file, click the Upload button.

Once you’ve uploaded your Identification Image(s), you will see “My Uploaded Document” You will see the Date and Timestamp of your Uploaded Image. Under “Actions” you may delete your uploaded image. Once you have uploaded your file successfully you may proceed to the next page. If you submit a US Passport or US Military ID, you will be required to upload an additional photograph of yourself that will be placed on your Program ID card.

(Your uploaded file must be in PDF or JPG format and file size must be under 2MB. You may scan your images using a scanner or take pictures using a phone with a clear camera.)