First Step (Find A Physician & Receive Instant Access Certification)

How do I find a healthcare provider who is certified to recommend medical cannabis? 


Massachusetts residents can receive a certification for the medical use of marijuana from any Massachusetts Registered Certifying Clinician that is licensed to issue medical cannabis certifications. There are currently over 300 clinicians in Massachusetts able to certify qualifying patients for the medical use of cannabis. You can find a list of some providers and their contact information below.

See one of the healthcare providers for a visit. The clinician will determine your suitability for the potential benefits of medical cannabis. If you qualify, the clinician will issue your certification and send information electronically to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. Once submitted by the healthcare provider, a 14-day temporary registration is generated instantly for the newly certified patient to access 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana at Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs). 

Patients must complete the full online registration process in order to receive their physical Medical Program ID card and possess a 60-day supply. After clinician certification, the patient will receive an e-mail from the Commission with a PIN number to steps to complete the registration process through the online portal. Clinicians are encouraged to provide patients with the 14-day instant access certification, patient PIN number, and formal steps to register. 

The patient registration is also available in paper form for those without access to internet or an inability to complete the form. Paper registrations are listed on Commission's website, find the form you need and print by clicking here. Please contact the Cannabis Control Commission's Medical Use of Marijuana Program Support Line at (833) 869-6820 with further requests for paper registration forms. Paper forms may take more time for the Commission to process but can sometimes be easier to complete for some patients without scanners or access to computers.