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Because health insurance does not currently cover medical cannabis clinician visits and costs for medicine, the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. created financial aid partnerships with healthcare providers in Massachusetts. These healthcare providers have generously donated financial aid referrals to defray the costs of the clinical visits for low-income patients that qualify.

New patients are encouraged to apply through our form dedicated to New Patients. If you are a returning patient to any one of our financial aid partners, please apply through their dedicated link. This will help MPAA, Inc. staff stay organized and eliminate duplicates.


New Patient Financial Aid Request Form

By filling out this form you agree to MPAA, Inc. sharing some contact information (first name, email, phone number) with an available financial aid partner for the purposes of connecting you with an available financial aid referral. Referrals are limited so MPAA, Inc. Staff assess applications on a first come, first serve basis. We do not share or sell your information for the purposes of marketing and this program is not in exchange for money or promotional services.


About Financial Aid

Referrals donated from healthcare providers are not in exchange for promotion, patient information, or monetary value. The Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. is simply the vessel in which the Financial Aid Referrals are distributed to the general public on a "first come, first serve" basis. Referrals are exclusively to defray the costs for patients that are in need of financial aid and no purchase or participation is necessary. Referral donations from our Financial Aid partners are managed separately are not in exchange for prominent placement on the MPAA Website and/or event sponsorships.

Since the inception of the Financial Aid Referral Programs, the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. has been able to reach patients in areas that have been negatively impacted by verifying information such as cultural background, location, and income. Full names, data provided, and other sensitive information is kept private.

We humbly thank our Financial Aid Partners for this opportunity to maintain our connection with the general public and patients during the pandemic and beyond.

If you are a patient that does not have an email address, you can simply call the MPAA, Inc. Hotline to apply: 617-286-4427



About Financial Aid
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