Fifth Step (Finalize, Submit, Access Dispensaries )

How do I finalize my registration application and receive my Program ID card?


Submit a Document that Proves Your Residency: The last piece of documentation required is additional proof of your Massachusetts residency. Acceptable pieces of documentation include the following: Utility bill (gas, electric, telephone, cable, or heating oil) that is less than 60 days old and must contain your name and address, current Massachusetts motor vehicle registration card with your current address, tuition bill with a due date of less than 6 months ago and addressed to your current address, car insurance policy or bill that is dated less than 60 days old, home mortgage, lease or loan contracts dated within 6 months of today with your name, address and signature, certified U.S. Marriage Certificate dated within the past 6 months, property tax or excise tax bill for the current year with your name and address, first-class mail dated less than 60 days old from any federal or state agency that displays your name and address, or a Current Massachusetts-issued Professional License with your address. Your name and address on the document that you submit must match your Valid Form of Identification.  

Review and Submit Application: Check that all information you have submitted is correct before submission. Once you’re ready, submit your patient registration application to the Commission. If you chose to register with a Massachusetts Drivers License your application may be automatically approved if your information is considered valid. The Commission must manually review the applications of patients who use a US Passport or Military ID to register with the program. These applications in the order it was received. You will be notified via e-mail from MassCIP <[email protected]> when your application was accepted or is not complete. If your application is not complete, your e-mail message will tell you what the issue is and how you can log back into MassCIP to fix the information for resubmission.

When the Commission approves your registration application you may log back in your MassCIP account and print your temporary program ID card by clicking the "Print Temporary Program ID card" link on the homepage. Your temporary program ID card acts as your card until your official card arrives in the mail.