• New Patient Discount: Spend $200 on your first purchase and receive $100 off that purchase. Or spend $100 on each of your first two purchases and receive $50 off of those purchases. Caregivers do not receive a first time patient discount. However, the first time discount may be redeemed by a caregiver for their patient if the patient is unable to come in.
  • Spend $350 and Get $15 Back: When you spend $350 in a single visit you will receive $15 off of that purchase.
  • ATM Fee Waived: Spend $100 on a purchase and get the $3.50 cashless ATM fee waived.
  • Renewal Discount: Spend $100 on your purchase and receive $50 off the purchase. Must be within 45 days of your renewal date.
  • Veteran Discount: 15% off for Veterans with a VA Card, military ID, or a Veteran logo on their driver's license.
  • Debit Fee Waived: Spend $100 on a purchase, get the $3.50 cashless ATM fee waive.
  • Purchase Discount: Spend $350 in a single visit, get $15 off that purchase.
  • Industry Discount: 10% off your purchase for registered RMD employees every Monday
  • Loyalty Program: Sign up for our loyalty program and receive exclusive details on discounts, products, and more. Receive 50 points at sign up, 50 points at your initial check in. Participate in Ermont Cares events and receive points. Receive 20 points each future check in. Double check in points every Tuesday. Every 55 points earns you a 10% discount. Every 110 points earns you a 20% discount.
  • Go Green: For every clean exit bag, dram, or tin recycled, receive two Baker Loyalty points for 20% off. Terms and Conditions: drams/exit bags must be in usable condition with no cracks or tears in the plastic or missing caps. Drams/exit bags do not have to originally be from Ermont, however, they must be from a registered medical or adult-use dispensary. Limit per customer is 10 points worth per day (5 items on the approved list).