• New Patient Discount: Patients on their first visit to ACS receive 20% off of their first purchase.
  • Referral Discount: You will receive $25 off any medicated purchase if your friend brings in a referral card with your name and patient number on it! Pick some up in store today and start handing them out.
  • Bring a Friend Friday: Bring in a friend with a medical card who has never visited ACS before on a Friday, and receive double the referral points ($50)!
  • Loyalty Program: Loyalty Program ACS is now offering a loyalty program to all patients! Earn points as you purchase medicine. Patients earn 10% back as they spend. Thank you for your business! Been to ACS before? Don't worry, loyalty points are retroactive so you may have points waiting.
  • Veteran Discount: Veterans receive 20% off of all purchases. 
  • Veteran Care Program: ACS is offering 40% off of up to your Massachusetts 60-day supply limit for veterans with 100% SC VA rating. To receive this discount, please show your DOD Common Access Card with expiration of INDEF and status of DAVPRM or bring in your VA ID along with your Commissary Letter printed from
  • Bulk Concentrate/Extract Pricing: ACS is offering a price break when you buy 3 grams of concentrate. Feel free to give ACS a call. ACS will be glad to disclose pricing. 
  • Industry Discount: Every Tuesday at ACS all dispensary employees and other industry workers (just bring something that shows where you work) get 20% off all day! Valid on all products.