• New Patient Discount: If you've never shopped at NETA, then come on by and we will give you a one-time $49 credit when you spend $1. That's right, $50 of medicine for $1.
  • Patient Referral Discount: If you have already shopped at NETA, bring a registered patient who hasn't, they will be eligible for the New Patient Deal and NETA will give you the same $49 dollar credit when you spend a buck. You can also come into NETA and get a $49:$1 card. Give your friend (who has not shopped at NETA) the $49:$1 card with your P# written on it. When your friend first visits NETA and brings the $49:$1 card, NETA will credit your account $49 for you to use next time you spend $1 for the referral.
  • Help With The Cost of Becoming Or Staying A Patient: Come to NETA and spend $200 within 30 days of becoming a new patient or renewing your doctor recommendation and you will receive four $50 vouchers ($200) for use at NETA. (*May only redeem $150 worth of vouchers at once. Vouchers are not transferable, have no cash value and may not be combined with the “refer a friend” credit. Voucher must be presented to receive credit. Program subject to change.)
  • Shatter and Wax Bulk Pricing: You can purchase 2 grams at 10% off, 3 grams at 15% off, and 4 or more grams at 20% off.
  • NETACARES Shoe Donation: NETA has paired up with “Rerun Shoes - Old Shoes, New Lives” to collect used shoes and provide support to the Cancer Connection, Inc. programs. NETA is accepting donations of athletic shoes, men’s shoes, kids shoes, sport cleats, and sport sandals. Damaged or worn out shoes cannot be used. For your generous donation, NETA will be providing a 10% discount coupon for use on any medicated products at NETA!* On your next visit to NETA Northampton or NETA Brookline ask any staff member for more information. (*One coupon per person. No purchase limit. No expiration!)
  • 4/20 Weekend Sale: On April 20th, 21st, and 22nd, preroll variety packs are on sale! 10 packs are $42, 5 packs are $21. Limit of 2 sale variety packs total per patient. Patients will receive 20% off all concentrates, 20% off all edibles, 20% off all infused products, and 20% off all vape pens excluding RUBI starter kits. 4/20 offers valid between Friday April 20th and Sunday April 22nd.