Voices of Support

Voices of Support

“Medical marijuana works. Medical marijuana decreases pain, muscle spasms, nausea and vomiting. And medical marijuana is the only anti-nausea medicine that also increases appetite, which is especially helpful for cancer patients. Hopefully, in our great state, with its world-renowned schools and research laboratories, we will get the laws aligned with the science. We now know, down to the cellular level, down to the molecular level, how medical marijuana works and why it works.”

– Dr. Karen Munkacy

“Medical marijuana provides relief from ALS in several ways. Primarily, it works as a muscle relaxant. This medicine calms the constant spasms in my muscles and rigidity in my joints without making me even weaker as happens with the pharmaceutical alternatives. It is also a very effective treatment for the excessive drooling that I experience. Why shouldn’t I have access to an effective, safe, all natural drug instead of a chemically formulated drug with known health risks?”

– Steve Saling, Chelsea Patient

“Watching my son struggle with the side effects of brutal chemotherapy treatments was heart wrenching. He threw up nonstop for days on end, had no appetite, lost weight, and was becoming despondent. Eventually, he decided to try using marijuana to see if it would help. Marijuana not only relieved his nausea and gave him back his appetite, it also helped alleviate the anxiety and despair he was feeling at the time. In short, marijuana greatly improved his overall quality of life.”

– Lorraine Kerz, Greenfield Parent of a Patient